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The Wine, Vineyards and Winery Regions of Thailand


Northern Thailand Wine Region

The northern latitude of 17-18 with clay loam soil. Daytime temperatures during grape harvest are 20-25 degrees celsius, dropping to 12 celsius at night. It is home to Chateau de Loei Winery, in the Phu Rua Valley, at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level; Chateau Shala One Winery, in Phichit province, at 300 meters above sea level and Mae Chan Winery in the Mae Chan Valley near Chiang Rai.


Khao Yai Valley Wine Region

Khao Yai Wine Region at the northern latitude of 14.3, similarly with a clay loam soil. On the western side are the vineyards of PB Valley Winery and GranMonte Winery, at altitudes of 300-350 meters above sea level, while on the extreme eastern boundary is Chateau des Brumes Winery, with vineyards at an elevation of over 500 meters above sea level. The region has morning temperatures of 15-20 degrees celsius during harvest time.


Chao Phraya delta Wine Region

Chao Phraya delta, home to Siam Winery, producers of Monsoon Valley. This is currently the most southerly wine region at the northern latitude of 14, at an elevation of 5 meters above sea level with daytime temperatures ranging from 18-22. Siam Winery has also developed a vineyard near Hau Hin.


Hua Hin Valley Wine Region

Hua Hin Hills is a short drive from the seaside resort of Hua Hin. The Vineyard is built on a former Elephant coral, a quiet place where wild Asian Elephants where domesticated. The terrain of loamy sand and slate and consistent ocean breeze allow international grape varietal to thrive and produce aromatic and award winning Monsoon Valley Wines.


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Thai Wine Tour Regions

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Tourism Authority of Thailand Licence number 14/01058